Instantized BCAAs
Instantized BCAAs
Instantized BCAAs
Instantized BCAAs
Instantized BCAAs
Instantized BCAAs
Instantized BCAAs
Instantized BCAAs

Instantized BCAAs

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 Plant based branch chain amino acids... no duck feathers! 

Maintain Muscle & Increase Endurance
Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are research proven that when in a 2:1:1 ratio, can naturally boost physical performance, mental focus, and reduce cortisol levels to create a favorable anabolic (muscle growth) environment.

Our Instantized BCAAs contain a 2:1:1 ratio of plant-based, fully soluble, instantized branch chain amino acids, in favor of L-leucine. We’ve excluded flavorings, dyes, and fillers to increase absorption and effectiveness.


It’s no secret that BCAAs are widely beneficial for the fitness enthusiast, which is why they’re one of the top selling and most widely known supplements on the market. Research has proved that when combined with resistance training, BCAA supplementation can increase testosterone levels and reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone), making it easier to build muscle. In addition, supplementing with BCAAs has also been proven to help reduce muscle breakdown when eating in a caloric deficit, along with the simultaneous reduction of fat and growth of muscle by stealing energy from the body’s cells that are storing fat and giving it to under-nourished muscle tissue. 

However, there is a secret within the industry that supplement companies don’t want you to know about. 

Do you know how BCAAs are produced? The main source is keratin, which comes from 4 major places: human hair from cadaver (dead body) scalps, duck feathers, pig hair and skin, or plants. Three out of those four options are pretty disgusting if you ask us. Not surprisingly, those gross three options are also the cheaper options to produce. 

Our Instantized, PLANT BASED BCAAs are not only made from plants, but are certified vegan. Because flavorings and additives can often negatively affect the absorption of BCAAs, we excluded any flavorings, additives, and dyes from the formula to ensure it can be utilized at the highest level.


- reduce exercise fatigue

- prevent muscle wasting while eating low calories

- improve muscle recovery

- greater fat burning potential

- increase mental focus

- increased potential for anabolism

Branch Chain Amino Acids Supplement for Bodybuilders to Reduce Fatigue
Branch Chain Amino Acids Supplement for Bodybuilders to Boost Energy

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these testimonials from happy bodybuilders, just like you!

Branch Chain Amino Acids Supplement for Bodybuilders to Build Muscle Faster
Debbie Wright

"Pure and simple with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Build muscle and recover faster without all the extra junk and without the extra $$ cost."

Branch Chain Amino Acids Supplement for Bodybuilders Testimonial
Cole Innes

"I love this product line. It's simple, easy, and has no BS. I am now a forever customer!"

Branch Chain Amino Acids Supplement for Bodybuilders Muscle Recovery
Becky Lewis

"BCAA’s are a must have for me. They help build & maintain muscle AND I notice a huge difference with my muscle recovery💪🏼!!"

Instantized Branch Chain Amino Acids Supplements Ingredients
Bodybuilding supplements third party tested

All Gains in Bulk products, including Instantized BCAA's, are third party tested to ensure the highest level of purity. To prove our commitment to the highest purity, we provide Certificates of Analysis for every single purchase of Instantized BCAA's. This certificate shows the exact measured amounts of each component within the formula. 

We aren’t interested in hiding our formulas behind closed doors. We believe that you deserve the best products, with the highest potency, and full transparency. 


L-LEUCINE, L-ISOLEUCINE, & L-VALINE: The three amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine are proteinogenic amino acids that help to keep the body anabolic. The 2:1:1 ratio, in favor of L-leucine, is the most proven ratio according to research and its balance is crucial to BCAAs’ effectiveness. L-Leucine is responsible for activating the mechanism of protein synthesis, while L-isoleucine and L-valine support its efforts.

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