Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings
Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings
Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings
Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings
Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings
Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings
Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings
Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings

Clear Cut CLA | Reduce Fat & Cravings

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Reduce body fat and cravings! Burn up to 4% body fat with this bottle...

Reduce body fat & cravings
Clear Cut CLA's ingredients provide the ability to lose up to 4% of your unwanted body fat while curbing your appetite and reducing cravings, without any other changes to your diet or exercise regimen!

It is believed that pure Conjugated Linoliec Acid (CLA) from safflower oil, when in the right doses, will saturate your cells and metabolize the fat that's stored within them. Once metabolized, your body will put the fat back into your blood stream to be used by the body for energy. In turn, the body will feel more satiated and full because it has fat readily available in the blood stream to use as it needs, helping you feel less hungry and reduce your cravings for fatty foods.

highest dose, lowest price

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study published in the Journal of International Medical Research, 20 participants were given either CLA or an imposter (vegetable oil) daily for 12 weeks. At the end of the study period, the CLA group lost an average of 4% body fat while the placebo group lost no fat at all. The key to their success was that they supplemented DAILY with 3.4 grams of CLA for 12 weeks.

You may have tried a CLA product in the past, with little to no results. Why? It is usually because other companies don't have enough CLA per serving. For example, the current leading CLA product on the market contains 166mg of CLA in each capsule. To get the research proven amount of 4 grams per day, you would have to take 24 capsules. That means a $25 bottle with 90 capsules wouldn't last you more than 4 days. And if you commit to the full 12 week protocol that was proven in the research, you would be paying over $500.00.

Without the right amounts of ingredients, products will fail to provide results! This can make trying to lose fat a nightmare. 

If you are looking to lose fat, we've got you covered and it won't take that many pills or even close to that much money to get the fat reduction results you are wanting. Gains in Bulk's Clear Cut CLA contains the purest, best-tested CLA available and each capsule contains 1,000 mg (1 gram) of CLA. This means you only need to take 4 capsules a day. Each bottle contains 120 capsules, equaling a one month supply. 


- reduce unwanted body fat

- reduce cravings

- curb appetite

- improve insulin sensitivity

- increase libido

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these testimonials from happy bodybuilders, just like you!

Conjugated Linoliec Acid Supplement for Bodybuilders formulated in a way that we don’t need to cycle it. You can use it everyday without damaging the liver
Veronica Malloy

"People ask all the time, how do you do it?? - well there is no magic, I do the work and love to push myself to do better each day. Now there are supplements that will do just that. My very favorite is CLA from @gainsinbulk. They formulated CLA in a way that we don’t need to cycle it. You can use it everyday without damaging the liver. CLA has been tested to help us lose weight, keep muscle mass and control type 2 diabetes. Try it, you have nothing To lose."

Conjugated Linoliec Acid Supplement for Bodybuilders to build lean muscle
Lawrence Woods

"One of my many secret weapons to aid in burning belly fat and building lean muscle. Hard to find for a reasonable price and amount of grams (CLA) Conjugated Linoleic Acid may assist in your fat lost journey. Clear Cut CLA has potency proven to decrease body fat percentages by 4% if taken consistently over a 12-week period!"

Natural Conjugated Linoliec Acid Supplement for Bodybuilders
Nicole Butcher

"If you have stubborn fat your trying to lose or looking for a great supplement GIB Clear Cut CLA fat burner is amazing. It's natural AND you don't have to cycle off like most CLA products out there. Why is that you ask?! Because CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is extracted from the safflower oil and sunflower oils- the oils can build up in your liver and that's why you have to cycle off periodically. It's pure CLA with no oils. So you can continue to take them!! I used these daily with my maintenance regime and all through competition prep."

Clear Cut CLA Ingredients & use
Conjugated Linoliec Acid Supplement for Bodybuilders Ingredients
Bodybuilding supplements third party tested

All Gains in Bulk products, including Clear Cut CLA, are third party tested to ensure the highest level of purity. To prove our commitment to the highest purity, we provide Certificates of Analysis for every single purchase of Clear Cut CLA. This certificate shows the exact measured amounts of each component within the formula. 

We aren’t interested in hiding our formulas behind closed doors. We believe that you deserve the best products, with the highest potency, and full transparency. 


CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a form of fatty acid within the body that when taken in specific dosages will metabolize the fat stored within the body's cells.

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