Heavy Glute Circle
Heavy Glute Circle
Heavy Glute Circle
Heavy Glute Circle

Heavy Glute Circle

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  • Game changer for glute development
  • Faster strength increase
  • Activate & strengthen hips & glutes
  • Activate & strengthen hip abductors & external rotators
  • Great for dynamic warmups

Glute Circle Sizing

12” - Recommended for exercises that require your knees to stay closer together. Hip thrust, squat, glute bridge, deadlift, etc.

15” - Recommended for plyometric exercises, or exercises that your knees will need to be further apart. Jump squat, lunges, lateral walks, etc.

For less intensity size up or switch to our Moderate Glute Circle.
For added intensity size down.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these testimonials from happy bodybuilders, just like you!

Stephanie Stoven

"No kickback machine? No Problem! These @gainsinbulk Glute bands will do the trick to target those glutes and they fit perfectly in any travel bag or purse! Booty Growth here we come!! 🍑"

Cole Innes

"Gains in Bulk's glute circles are convenient to easily throw in your bag and use anywhere and everywhere especially when traveling."

Melissa Busby

"Burn baby burn💪. This is a great accessory exercise to throw in at the end of a leg workout. Start with 3 sets of 12-15 reps above the knees and below the knees. As you get stronger, increase to 20 reps of each. Feel the 🍑burning!"

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