Elevate your state while nutritionally supporting higher levels of Active Energy and Cognitive Functions such as Memory, Mental Speed, and Focus with a blend of Exotic Nootropic Herbs, Vital Nutrients, and Whole Food B-Vitamins.

Don't just get by, Get ELEVATED!

Energy. Memory. Focus.
Mental Speed. Mood. Creativity.

The clean, bright, concentrated intensity you need to maximize your performance.

Is this level of energy legal?

100% Yes. Our all-natural, vegan, organic blend of brainpower in a bottle is made from ingredients clinically studied to raise mood and laser focus. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to the most productive workout sessions you've ever had. Get ready for a new chapter. We hope you can handle it. 


Performing at your best requires fueling your body with the right nutrients in the right amount. Extra stamina and focus at this level might not be something you're used to. Are you ready?

third party tested

All Gains in Bulk products, including ELEVATED, are third party tested to ensure the highest level of purity. To prove our commitment to the highest purity, we provide Certificates of Analysis for every single purchase of ELEVATED. This certificate shows the exact measured amounts of each component within the formula.

We aren’t interested in hiding our formulas behind closed doors. We believe that you deserve the best products, with the highest potency, and full transparency.



This hydration regulating hormone is the deciding factor in which cells need more water and is in charge of supplying them with the hydration they need to effectively absorb and carry nutrients through the body. It also regulates your body's ability to utilize fat for fuel. By introducing the right amount of quality Taurine into your system, you will experience more focus and clean energy throughout your whole day.

Gingko Biloba Leaf

Long used in traditional Chinese medicine to open the doorway for nutrients and oxygen to reach the brain and muscles effortlessly. Several studies show this incredible herb can induce an immediate increase in blood flow and improve memory among other cognitive functions. 


Dimethylethanolamine is an organic amino acid compound is naturally produced by the brain and sometimes used to treat ADHD due to its ability to prevent distracting and impulsive behaviors. It increases levels of acetylocholine which is a main ingredient in our learning and memory abilities. 

Rhodiola Crenulata Root

Vikings used to eat rhodiola to ignite their battle spirits and feel the thunderous power of Thor. This herb is known, not only for boosting energy levels and focus, but also helps the body resist stress. So the next time you're going to war on the field, make sure you stock up on this powerhouse supplement.