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Liver and kidney cleanse & repair.

Repair and cleanse your liver and kidneys from alcohol, prescriptions, or everyday toxins to ensure they are not holding you back from performance improvements, fat loss, and general health functions!

liver and kidney cleanse & repair
Liv Clean supplies the essential nutrients, herbs, minerals, and enzymes that have been proven to support optimal liver and kidney function.

The liver and kidneys are responsible for over 600 functions in the body, including fat metabolism and protein synthesis. If you've hit a plateau in your fitness journey, toxin-filled liver or kidneys could be the blame. Prescriptions, alcohol, stress and heavily processed foods stress these organs. Cleansing can jump start your gains again. The liver and kidneys act as the body's filtration system, helping rid the body of these toxins. Liv Clean is crucial to ensuring the body is working efficiently; burning fats, supplying energy to the muscles, and staying anabolic (state of muscle growth).

Liver and Kidney Cleanse & Repair Supplements for Bodybuilders
break through the plateau

Our liver and kidneys are easily affected by daily life. Prescription medications, alcohol, soda/energy drinks, PEDs, overly processed foods, and even the environment can overload these organs with toxins, making it difficult to perform their long list of tasks within the body, including fat metabolism and protein synthesis (essentially muscle growth).  

If you've found yourself in a plateau within your fitness journey, regardless if you're working to build muscle or lose fat, your liver and kidneys could be hindering your progress. Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, your liver and kidneys NEED regular maintenance and cleansing to ensure your body is working at peak performance.

If you're consistently exposing your body to toxins (i.e. consuming alcohol a couple times a month, taking medications, etc.), we'd recommend taking 1-2 capsules of Liv Clean daily for continued maintenance. If you're not exposing your body to toxins, we recommend taking 1 bottle of Liv Clean every few months, taking 1-2 capsules daily.


- liver & kidney cleanse

- protection from toxins

- fat reduction

- plateau breaker

- better functioning organs

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these testimonials from happy bodybuilders, just like you!

Liver and Kidney Cleanse & Repair Herbs and Vitamins Supplements for Bodybuilders
Jane Jakobsen

"I turn to @gainsinbulk LIV CLEAN to help me through my excessive celebration! Lol!

Keeping the liver and kidneys functioning optimally correlates with physical performance and health. Its important to me to help these organs, especially when I've fallen off my usual path.
I was an avid dandelion root user prior to this product. LIV CLEAN contains a combo of liver and kidney cleansing herbs and vitamins. A great aid to help flush the liver and kidneys of toxins!"

Liver and Kidney Cleanse & Repair Supplements for Bodybuilders Testimonials
Ashley White

"My liver and kidneys were super taxed from my high protein diet during contest prep and were causing my body to plateau and swell. After a week of taking a high dose of Liv Clean (4 capsules morning and night), my swelling was gone, my liver and kidneys were working optimally, and I quickly dropped the weight and stored fat that my body was holding onto. Liv Clean is a game changer when you feel your body has reached its limits and needs a cleanse."

Liver and Kidney Cleanse & Repair Detox Supplements for Bodybuilders
Allison Occkial

"Why take supplements? Well first, a supplement should be used in conjunction, not place of, quality nutrient dense foods. But with our depleted soil, toxic environment, and specific health concerns, supplements can be extremely beneficial & part of a healthy lifestyle. Supplements should always be used on an individual basis!

We really need to be "detoxing" on a daily basis. This blend of herb & minerals helps the liver & kidneys function better, thus improves gut health."

Liver and Kidney Cleanse & Repair Supplements for Bodybuilders Ingredients
Bodybuilding supplements third party tested

All Gains in Bulk products, including LIV Clean, are third party tested to ensure the highest level of purity. To prove our commitment to the highest purity, we provide Certificates of Analysis for every single purchase of LIV Clean. This certificate shows the exact measured amounts of each component within the formula. 

We aren’t interested in hiding our formulas behind closed doors. We believe that you deserve the best products, with the highest potency, and full transparency. 


ORGANIC MINERALS (ZINC, COPPER, MANGANESE): These organic minerals are essential for the body’s health, to activate the digestive enzymes, and to nutritionally support the ingredients within this formula. 

CLEANSING HERBS (MILK THISTLE EXTRACT, BARBERRY ROOT, DANDELION ROOT): These specific herbs have been research proven to cleanse the liver and kidneys and remove toxins.

LIPASE: Lipase is the digestive enzyme used to digest fat within the body. We included extra lipase in this formula to aid the taxed gallbladder and liver in the breakdown of fat within the body. 

OPTI-BLEND DELIVERY SYSTEM: Our signature delivery system contains the digestive enzymes lipase, lactase, and cellulase, along with several amylase and protease enzymes to pre-digest the formula before consumption, ensuring that it's easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

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