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Gains in Bulk

The Gains Ambassador Program


“We help you win, so you can help people win”

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Where do we come from?

Our mission is to inspire you to achieve your full potential by discovering what’s actually possible. We are committed to helping you win in the gym, and in life! Additionally, we raise the bar in the industry and provide the most potent and pure products available. We aim to cut out the synthetic ingredients, fillers, middlemen, and inflated prices of the industry to deliver real GAINS from whole food plant-based supplements so that you could feel and perform your very best!

For over 30 years our CEO’s father, Doug Grant, has been formulating supplements for top-level athletes in the NBA, Olympics, MLB, etc. He has also formulated for doctors around the nation who choose a holistic route to health... It's that level of quality and obsession over ingredients that led our CEO, Braven, and his brother, Marley, to start Gains in Bulk (they knew the sports industry desperately needed this unparalleled quality).

Who is Gains?

We Help People Win 

Absolutely every detail in how we do things has been designed to help us, those who work with us, and those who order from us Win big. 

Nothing Gains does is more important than this. Even our own supplements, which are the best there are, are only a part of the whole. Helping people win in all aspects of life.

And it all begins in the Gym and with your Health! 

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Why do we want you onboard?

Winning is contagious… 

Extremely contagious. Most people will only believe what’s possible when it’s shown to them. We want a society of Winner’s who can show the world, through Gains, what’s possible. And we want to help build that society of Winners to go places that even they didn’t think was possible. 

That’s what we believe you already are… a Winner. And everything we do in our ambassador program is helping you continue to win, so that you can inspire others to do the same. That’s it. If you can commit to showing up to win here, and in life, I promise we will make it worth it for you, and help you chase Winning in your personal and professional life. 

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Our ambassador program is set to help you increase your confidence in yourself to achieve great things! Our sole purpose is to help you win in the gym so you can win in life.  

Monthly Masterminds

We recognize those who are crushing and WINNING in their lives. Training and motivation. We get guests to coach the group on business, health, life, influence, motivation, etc. We do bonuses each month to our top-earning, working, engaging, and committed Affiliates!  

Family and Community

Access to our Instagram and Facebook page specific to Affiliates. Where you get daily updates about events or what is going on.

You can ask for tips from high end influencers!

Whitelisting Advertisement*

This is where we put a campaign together and we push our advertising dollars behind your Instagram/Tik Tok/etc… This pushes people back into your page and even gets you direct commissions when they buy through your links.

*Select Few

Huge Commissions 

Not just a measly 5-10% commission, we give you a 15% commission renewing commission. Meaning you keep getting a commission off of them after you brought them in. You’ll get a personalized code that is 20% off  to put on your social media to share with all your followers.

What else do Ambassadors get?

We want to make sure YOU can WIN the day. We want to make sure you are progressing in your life. We don’t want you to just stay where you are, we want you to supersede what you ever thought was possible. We want you to move on to the next level. As an ambassador you have the opportunity to become a Gold Ambassador and even on to becoming a sponsored GAINS Athlete! 

The list goes on…

  • Bonuses $$$

  • Use your own code to get product

Gold Ambassadors


We love to WIN. We strive for success and we make sure to reward those who are ALL IN to WIN. 

  • Growing your Personal Brand-Access to 1 on 1 calls with our team for content and personal brand growth.

  • Content Creation- Invites to events and shoots!

  • Free Product-Up to $50 in free products every month!

  • Access to new products and merch before it drops.

GAINS Athletes - Select few every year

This is reserved for a select group of (1-3) new ATHLETES every year. This is a fully tailored partnership that comes with an incredible level of attention, opportunity, and growth. 

What now?

It all begins with filling out your application here. Are you ready to start your road to winning more in your life? 

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