Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine
Instantized Creatine

Instantized Creatine

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The world's first 100% soluble creatine monohydrate, Instantized Creatine, gives you all the benefits of creatine... without the bloating, water retention, or gritty taste.

Research-proven to promote muscle endurance, strength, and size. Completely dissolves in liquid for rapid absorption. Free of any additives and third-party tested for safety and quality.

new 100% soluble creatine
Gives You The Incredible Benefits of Creatine... Without The Bloating, Water Retention, or Gritty Taste...

Through our exclusive filtration process, Instantized Creatine is 100% soluble and completely dissolves in liquids, allowing it to do it's job of increasing muscle stamina, strength, and recovery more effectively.

The result is heavier lifts, faster muscle recovery, and more gains, with absolutely no chalky, gritty texture, or extra water weight like you get with old school creatines!

Completely Soluble Instantized Creatine to efficiently get into the muscle tissue to give you more power, strength, recovery, and gains
#1 Sold ingredient

Creatine Monohydrate is the #1 Sold Ingredient in the Sports Nutrition market.

Although it is the most researched and proven supplement to aid in performance, it is also known to have its drawbacks...

Most common being bloating, excess water retention, and putting stress on kidneys...

Because Instantized Creatine is 100% soluble and safe, you don't get side effects, you get results.


-Speeds Muscle Growth

- Improves Power & Speed

- ATP Production

- Increases Strength & Endurance

- Completely Soluble In Liquids

- NO Gritty, Chalky Texture

- Lean, "Bloat-Free" Muscle

Filtered Instantized Creatine Monohydrate increases strength, anti-aging, completely soluble in liquids

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these testimonials from other Champions who are choosing to raise the bar.

100& Soluble Instantized Creatine Monohydrate
Ashley White

"BEST CREATINE I'VE TRIED!I love this stuff! This creatine is so pure and dissolves completely into whatever liquid you're drinking. It gives you the best pump at the gym. I've become my strongest because of GIB's creatine! I love Gains In Bulk!"

Instantized Creatine Monohydrate Bodybuilding Supplements
Jordan Hribal

"If your working out, creatine should be a staple in your supplement regimen!

Supplementing with creatine increases the available fuel to power ATP (your body’s main source of energy), which can increase muscle strength, size and power output!"

Instantized Creatine Monohydrate Testimonial
Marley Grant

"Finally an instantized creatine. Can mix with anything. Zero bloat. This is the creatine I been looking for. Good job"

Instantized creatine ingredients & use
Bodybuilding supplements third party tested

All Gains in Bulk products, including Instantized Creatine, are third party tested to ensure the highest level of purity. To prove our commitment to the highest purity, we provide Certificates of Analysis for every single purchase of Instantized Creatine. This certificate shows the exact measured amounts of each component within the formula. 

We aren’t interested in hiding our formulas behind closed doors. We believe that you deserve the best products, with the highest potency, and full transparency. 


INSTANTIZED CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: So you can accurately dose in the amounts research proven to give the best results...

Instantized Creatine Monohydrate is the only ingredient within this formula.

*We have also excluded any flavoring, dyes, fillers, or additives to ensure complete solubility and absorption within the muscles. 

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