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Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy

Workout Candy


Candy with benefits! Focused energy, Increased strength & endurance, and an instant boost of nitric oxide for the Best Pump Guaranteed.

N.O. Chews are unique, all-in-one preworkout chewable tablets that contain creatine nitrate, 30mg of natural caffeine per chew, and a potent antioxidant/phytonutrient punch from over 35 fruits and vegetables.



N.O. Chews’ formula contains the research proven nutrients you need to help you power through your workout, while leaving the jittery, over-caffeinated feeling at the door.

SAY n.o. to crash and jitters

Too often, fitness enthusiasts spend hundreds of dollars on pre-workout supplements, only to get over-sweetened, artificial products that make you feel jittery, cause your energy levels to crash halfway through your workout, and have minimal amounts of the ingredients that are actually proven to move you towards your goal. This is not only a waste of your money, but is likely pushing you further away from your fitness goal.


N.O. Chews only contain ingredients and doses that have been research proven to be effective and useful.

In fact, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently named N.O. Chews’ 3 main ingredients--nitrates, creatine, and caffeine--as their top recommended sports nutrients for increased performance. Whole food nitrates within the formula boost nitric oxide levels, helping to increase the flexibility of the blood vessels, allowing more blood flow and nutrient delivery, along with insane pumps and vascularity. Creatine helps the body produce ATP, which the muscles use for power and strength. Natural forms of caffeine help to increase energy levels and mental focus. To make the formula even sweeter (pun intended), we added over 35 antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables for cellular health.

With each shipment of N.O. Chews, you’ll receive a pair of Nitric Oxide Test Strips so you can test the effectiveness of the nitric oxide boosting ingredients. We guarantee that you’ll see an improvement, both on the test strips and in the gym, or your money back.


- insane vascularity and pumps
- increase strength and power
- boost energy and mental focus
- antioxidant boost
- improve blood flow and nutrient delivery

third party tested

All Gains in Bulk products, including N.O. CHEWS, are third party tested to ensure the highest level of purity. To prove our commitment to the highest purity, we provide Certificates of Analysis for every single purchase of N.O. CHEWS. This certificate shows the exact measured amounts of each component within the formula.

We aren’t interested in hiding our formulas behind closed doors. We believe that you deserve the best products, with the highest potency, and full transparency.


Creatine Nitrate

Creatine Nitrate is a specific molecular combination of creatine and nitrates that provides the benefits of both creatine and nitrates. You’ll experience increased strength, power, blood flow, nutrient delivery, pumps, and vascularity. This specific molecule is the purest on the market, containing the lowest levels of creatinine and none of the toxic chemicals dicyandiamide and dihydrotriazine that can inhibit nitric oxide production. 

Nitrate Food Blend

This specific blend of antioxidant-rich raw freeze dried fruits and vegetables, organic juices, herbs, and extracts have been proven in human clinical studies to boost nitric oxide levels and improve the health of the cells within the body. 

Herbal Caffeine

It’s no secret that caffeine works wonders for energy and mental focus. However, not all forms of caffeine are created equal. Synthetic forms of caffeine can cause major harm to your body’s adrenal glands and spike cortisol levels, causing muscle breakdown. Each chewable tablet of N.O. Chews contain 30mg of natural, herbal caffeine to provide the energy boost you need, without the negative side effects. 

Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy
Workout Candy

Workout Candy

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Candy with benefits! Focused energy, Increased strength & endurance, and an instant boost of nitric oxide for the Best Pump Guaranteed.

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Austin S.
United States

Best Pre-Workout

This is the best pre-workout pump in the game!

Randy H.
United States United States


This is really good for energy and a great pump, I take it in the afternoon at work 30 mins before working out or cardio.

Jake R.
United States United States

N.O. Chews

So I have yet to try any N.O. product but I’m focused on a more natural take on a better workout. These definitely give me a much better and proficient workout. The level of intensity I get to give me a longer workout. That’s not without saying that I am able to focus more at this level of drive. Overall when it comes to body composition I am seeing a harder muscle build and my concentrated movements rush activate the muscle group I think quicker. Pre-workouts or caffeine’s are nice when you need nutrients and minerals to give yourself a push under such working conditions but these give that and more. They offer a convincing quick eatable way to prepare to undergo driving yourself to higher potentials at the gym, or really any extreme activity. Plus it helps promote muscle growth. Don’t take my word or what I have used it for, try it yourself.

David P.
United States United States

Workout Candy Rocks!

Bought this for my Daughter - Ive been using Argi-Pump (love that stuff), but had to try it. Gotta tell you, it was a great pre-workout, had the pick-me-up and felt the pumps. My daughter absolutely loves them, and mixes them with water to take - like most it seems in the comments, but I eat them like candy. They taste great. I find myself grabbing them whenever I need a natural boost, probably need to get a few more bottles.

Jami C.
United States United States

Gets the job done

Love this product. The taste is a combo of straight salt with a chaser of vinegar, but I can work out longer and lift heavier when I take them. I also haven’t had a crash like some pre-workouts give me. Will buy again

United States United States

I like the focus energy and Big big pumps in my chest and legs

Taste really good like candy little hard wish it came in softer chew but great overall

Kevin T.
United States United States


Best I’ve ever taken Fast results Great taste to me

Laura B.
United States United States

Miracle pill

Absolutely love these N.O. Chews! I’ve had several archery outdoor events to attend to. The times prior to taking this product I struggled and ran out of energy towards the end of my competition. I started taking these chews and noticed a complete difference! My endurance was improved 100% and I was able to place 1st place in my competitions. So glad my husband introduced me to these chews. Definitely recommend!

Jackie A.
United States United States

Gets the job done

I really like these chews. I only take one and I can definitely feel that my lifts are improving

Robert C.
United States United States

Feel good with no crash

I like this product get a good pump without jitters or crash. I had problems with products with Nitric oxide in past made my heart race and couldn’t sleep.I’ve had no problems taking this product well dosed.