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when to take essential amino acids

When to Take Essential Amino Acids

Written by: Tanner Clegg



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Have you ever pushed your limits in pursuit of peak performance, only to wonder if there's a hidden secret to unlocking more of your body's potential? Or dealt with deep fatigue after a challenging day or intense workout that conventional rest and hydration couldn't alleviate? These moments allude to a vital but often overlooked aspect of our health.

Enter essential amino acids (EAAs) – the nine powerful building blocks that fuel your muscles, boost your recovery, and elevate your performance. Essential amino acids (EAAs) are amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize on its own and, therefore, must be obtained through diet. They are crucial for various physiological processes, including protein synthesis, tissue repair, and nutrient absorption.

With every stride you take and every weight you lift, these essential nutrients are the powerhouse behind your actions. They're not just a part of your diet; they are the workhorses of your strength, endurance, and overall vitality, empowering you to make your daily activities possible.

When to Take Essential Amino Acids?

Knowing when to take essential amino acids can transform your workouts and help you reach your fitness goals.

Let's explore what the science says and unlock your potential.

Pre-Workout EAA Intake

Want to boost your performance results? Taking essential amino acids (EAAs) before exercising can make a big difference. Research shows that consuming EAAs with carbs pre-workout increases amino acid delivery to your muscles, enhancing muscle protein synthesis from the start. This primes your muscles for growth and repair, giving you a head start in building lean muscle mass. The increased blood flow during your workout ensures a steady supply of these crucial nutrients when your body needs them most.

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Keeping a positive protein balance during resistance training is key to muscle growth. Studies have found that pre-workout EAAs help prevent the typical decline in muscle protein synthesis, preserving muscle mass and sustaining a positive protein balance. Additionally, combining EAAs with caffeine and other ingredients can enhance your performance and boost power output, leading to more effective workouts.

Intra-Workout EAA Intake

Ever feel your energy dipping halfway through a challenging workout? Intra-workout essential amino acids (EAAs) can help keep you going strong. Imagine maintaining elevated amino acid levels in your bloodstream as you train. Research found that consuming EAAs during steady-state exercise supports continuous muscle protein synthesis, providing your muscles with a steady supply of building blocks.

Intra-workout EAAs also help reduce muscle damage and soreness. An additional study discovered that these nutrients mitigate muscle damage markers and delay soreness, especially after intense exercises. This means faster recovery and less downtime between workouts, allowing you to sustain peak performance and protect your muscles.

Post-Workout EAA Intake

After an intense workout, your muscles need replenishment to recover and grow stronger. Post-workout essential amino acids (EAAs) are crucial here. Research shows that taking EAAs immediately after exercise significantly boosts muscle protein synthesis. This post-exercise window is when your muscles are most receptive to nutrient intake, making it the perfect time to enhance recovery and promote muscle growth.

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EAA Intake for Periods of Inactivity

Periods of inactivity, whether due to injury or other reasons, can threaten your muscle mass. However, research shows that supplementing with EAAs during these times can help preserve lean muscle mass by promoting muscle protein synthesis. Combining EAAs with carbs provides the necessary building blocks and energy your muscles need to stay in repair and maintenance mode, even when you're not exercising.

The benefits of EAAs extend beyond daytime intake. Consuming EAAs before bedtime can enhance muscle recovery and growth overnight. By ensuring a steady supply of nutrients through the night, you promote ongoing repair and growth.

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Instantized BCAA: Your Ultimate Workout Partner

BCAAs, a subset of EAAs, offer focused benefits that complement the broader support EAAs provide. When taken in a 2:1:1 ratio, BCAAs are research-proven to naturally increase muscle growth and reduce muscle breakdown during and after workouts. They also help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, significantly improving recovery time.

Most BCAAs on the market are sourced from less-than-ideal places like human hair, duck feathers, or pig skin. At Gains in Bulk, we do things differently. Our Instantized, plant-based BCAAs are not only made from plants but are also certified vegan. We exclude any flavorings, additives, and dyes to ensure maximum absorption and efficacy.

Our commitment to quality is evident. All Gains in Bulk products are third-party tested to ensure the highest level of purity. We provide Certificates of Analysis for every purchase of our Instantized BCAAs, showcasing the exact measured amounts of each component in the formula. We believe in total transparency and delivering the best products with the highest potency.

Benefits of Our Instantized BCAA:

  • Boost Muscle Growth
  • Increase Mental Focus
  • Prevent Muscle Loss
  • Reduce Exercise Fatigue
  • Faster Recovery
  • Help Stay Anabolic

Chosen by Champions

Invest in a product backed by science and committed to purity. Unlock your true potential and achieve your fitness goals with confidence, knowing you're fueling your body with the best.

Your peak performance awaits.

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