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Why Protein Might Be Harder To Buy Than Toilet Paper

Why Protein Might Be Harder To Buy Than Toilet Paper

Protein supplies in stores might be worse than toilet paper shortage says major news outlets... Public needs to act now to secure needs for family and home.

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You have obviously seen the isles in supermarkets with depleted walls of eggs, meats and other essentials.  Well, based on COVID – 19 infiltrating meat producing facilities around the nation including the worlds largest pork producer, stocking up on highly nutritious protein has now become essential.

Thank goodness, many of the great researchers and doctors who work with Gains In Bulk saw this possibility coming.  We have gone to great lengths to secure and bring in much larger amounts of phytonutrient rich stabilized raw berry, fruit, herbs to mix in our best tasting protein powders. 

As most of you know, GIB has 3 different award winning powder formulas that are far superior to the junk, highly processed protein powder on the market.   We are doing two things for you to help with which one(s) you want to stock up on.

  1. To help as many people as we can, we are making both powders available at major discounts based on how many you are wanting.  Click on the link to see offer (while supplies last).
  2. We are providing a guide to the major advantages of each formula so you can make the best choice for you and your family.
  • GIB Raw - The industries only high protein, raw, hypo-allergenic powder available with and additional 15,000 antioxidant units. This formula is fully plant based with no soy, whey, dairy, animal or other allergens. Contains high amounts of antioxidant rich, raw, freeze dried fruits and vegetables. It is my favorite powder I use daily. It has an earthy flavor so i like to blend it with almond milk and frozen bananas or berries.
  • GIB-100 - this "Taste Award" winning formula is hands down the best tasting whey based protein powder available. The pre-digested protein and other specifically-dosed macronutrients make this extremely easy on the system and is used as a snack as well as a meal because of its great taste.
  • Cutcake + Collagen - the ultimate  "PROTEIN ONLY" formula on the market.  Most high proteins powders that don't have many carbs or fats have a ton of synthetic and artificial sweeteners.  Cut Cake is the best tasting, high protein formula and uses grass fed whey and natural flavoring and sweeteners.  Cut Cake tastes like cake but builds rock hard muscle, plus the added collagen helps to keep hair and skin healthy and clear. Great for baking also. 

**Every formula comes with a minimum 2 year shelf life**

Additonal Key Points

  • No lines at stores, no waiting for back orders, no putting yourself at risk. We ship straight to you.
  • Perfect for all ages and all family members young or old. We have even had doctors tell us they recommend the GIB Raw as formula in some cases.
  • ALL GIB POWDERS are tested by 3rd party labs to ensure purity and is made only with natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.
  • We are non-GMO, gluten free, and also certified pesticide and herbicide free.

Simply put, we formulated the GIB powders to be the best protein and fruit/veggie products available anywhere, and we currently have blended enough inventory to get it to as many families as we can before we sell out and before your other protein manufacturers are forced to close just like you see in the article above.

Again, to do our part in helping our valued customers, we are making it available at our lowest prices we have offered.  Although we have made what would normally be  a years worth of powders, we learned from our Whole Food Vitamin C experience that sometimes a years supply sales out within a week or two so don’t waste time on deciding which powder is best for you!

>>Click Here to get your protein before it runs out<<

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