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How Much Protein Can You Ingest With and Without the Athlete Digestion Formula?

How Much Protein Can You Ingest With and Without the Athlete Digestion Formula?

How much protein you can consume has been hotly debated for decades and probably will continue to be because the questions are a double-edged sword based on what result a person is looking for.

If you currently consume a lot of protein and work out often, you probably see a lot of benefits. That’s great BUT if you have consumed a high protein diet for many years, you run an increased risk of disease, according to the largest study ever done on high protein intake. This is mainly due to inflammation in the bloodstream from excess undigested proteins.

The question should be for the fitness enthusiast: How much protein can you consume for muscle gains and not hurt your long-term health and longevity?



One group points to PubMed studies showing that it is beneficial to take in large amounts of protein for losing weight and increasing muscle density mainly because it keeps you anabolic. The other group points to studies showing longterm damage by taking in high amounts of protein and saying you can only absorb a maximum of 30 grams at a time. Any more than that causes a higher risk of disease. Both groups are right. So what do you do about it?


The end desire from both camps is to digest enough protein into useable amino acids that are delivered into the bloodstream for anabolism, and to reduce the disease/aging effects that longterm high protein intake causes. We’re going to show you how to do both with ADF.


The bottom line is that you CAN have the best of both worlds. You can eat and absorb more protein now in order to get the anabolic benefits, fuel muscle health, and increase your longevity and vitality markers by lowering the inflammatory markers. Just make sure to take digestive plant enzymes with your protein.


With Gains in Bulk’s Athlete Digestive Formula, you can absorb around 300% more of the protein as amino acids in the blood and lower your inflammatory markers as well. The study showed it’s evident that higher doses of protein are better absorbed if taken with plant proteolytic enzymes. When you do this, you get higher amino acid levels in your blood, so that you have more available to your muscles and other tissues for growth and repair, which is pretty much the whole point of taking in more protein. The added benefit is that you don’t get the damaging inflammation caused by excessive intake.


Thousands of research studies show it’s important to have a complete array of plant enzymes because different foods require different enzymes in order to be properly broken down into usable nutrients. You also need patented organic minerals to activate the enzymes to ensure full metabolism of the nutrient at the cellular level. Finally, you need stabilizing probiotics to help the nutrients safely pass through the gut wall and into the bloodstream.


ADF is the one multi-nutrient formula that not only has the plant enzymes protease and peptidase like the ones used in the study, but it also has specialized proteolytic enzymes cultivated specifically for genetically altered and hard-to-digest proteins.


These potent plant enzymes have university research proving they can digest the highest amount and hardest to digest proteins. This includes whey, casein, and egg protein powder blends, along with being able to digest genetically altered gluten proteins from wheat, barley, and rye. The Athlete Digestive Formula also breaks down vegetable and casein proteins from dairy and is formulated with proteolytic enzymes that digest animal proteins. Yep, it works even if they are processed hormone-laden ones from fast food restaurants.


Remember that taking proteolytic plant enzymes is the key no matter what product you use. If you want to fully guarantee the digestion of all proteins and reduce bloating/indigestion at the highest level, the Athlete Digestive Formula was the first formula created for the fitness athlete.






  1. You can take in more than 30 grams of protein at one time if you take the enzyme-potent Athlete Digestive Formula (2 capsules) with it. Based on the research, you should be able to take in up to 90 grams with full assimilation.
  2. You can take in the same or lower amounts of protein (calories) and get up to 300% more amino acids delivered to your muscles by taking ADF versus not taking it. This means you can get more anabolic amino acids delivered to your muscles without taking in higher calories. This keeps you anabolic even on lower calorie (deficit) cutting plans.



Go to GAINSINBULK.COM to buy this formula straight from the manufacturer. Gains doesn’t sell to wholesalers, stores or jobber discounters. They only sell directly to the fitness enthusiast guaranteeing the lowest prices possible. Compare the prices of the Athlete Digestive Formula to others on the market and you will see that this one is the smallest in price and the largest in nutrient/dosage.


Recommended Use: Take 1-2 capsules at each meal that contains cooked or processed foods. Can be taken between meals to help with bloating or any digestive concern.

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